The stables...

...and yes, we are this lucky!

Have you dreamed of the perfect combination between livery and training  for your horse?

We certainly did for ours!

A place where horses can be horses, have all their needs fulfilled, and still train to the highest levels in Dressage.

Well... We have that place!

At EquestriaHeArt stables, we have enough paddocks and fields for all the horses, where horses can be all day outside, have social contact and be happy. Doesn´t matter if inside or outside, at our stables we have hay ad libitum and automatic water dispensers, because, let´s be honest, water and hay should just be at all times available to any horse! All of this just let our athletes be happier, healthier and in the end, better to train, both mentally and physically.

The stables specifics:​

  • 34 Inside boxes with windows;

  • 1 Solarium, 2 tacking places, inside shower with warm water;

  • 2 Saddle rooms;

  • Inside arena 20x48 m;

  • Outside arena 20x60 m;

  • Walking machine (10 horses);

  • Inside lounging arena;

  • Outside lounging arena;

  • Toilets, kitchen, casino, coffee machine (important), warmed boots room, washing machine, plus some more perks!

Some pictures below :)


Air photo stable
Stallgasse 1
Inside arena