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The passion for the horses, the riding and training brought us together. The willing to be better and do better made us start working together. And so Equestrian HeArt was created.

Hannah is a very passionate rider. She loves her horses and all that has to do with caring for them. She likes them shiny, with healthy mane and clean hoofs! When it comes to riding she has an amazing feeling and she is able to ask her horses to give her all they can in each show. Starting at the age of 2 she never let go. Went through school and made her training as a professional rider in Germany. Afterwards was only success. Work in several stables, made 2 tours in the very appraised show Apassionata and in the year of 2017 discover her passion for Working Equitation, being very quickly successful being invited to the German team and in the year 2018 even winning the World championship for PRE horses.

Luís combines the classical and the modern ways of riding and training to try and get the best out his horses and students. He believes every horse can get to the highest level of dressage with the right training. Starting his riding career in Portugal, where the classical dressage dominates, he then went to different European countries to work and train always with the goal of learning more. In Portugal he made his bachelor degree in Equine Science and also got his diploma as a certified Trainer. Since 2014 based in Germany, and since then successfully training several Grand Prix riders and horses. Luís is more famous for his hand-work and to bring every horse he touches to piaffe.

And this is us, and this is Equestrian HeArt. With a bit of show flair, with a bit of meticulousness, we complete each other by bringing together the best of both worlds being able to train happy and sound athletes :)



“With the right training each horse can reach the highest level of Dressage”






From youngsters to Grand Prix

If you need help with training your horse through the levels or have a specific issue, training with Equestrian HeArt may be a great option for you. Sessions can be done at our training facility, with personalised plans to fit the athlete´s needs and your lifestyle.



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Dressage. Working Equitation. Piaffe/Passage. Hand-work.
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"Nur das, was Pferde verstehen, können sie von sich aus geben. Nur was sie von selbst geben, kann rein und fabelhaft sein."

- Hannah

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